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The 5th International Conference On Operation Research 2020 | IORA


Indonesia Operations Research Assosiation


The 5th International Conference On Operation Research 2020

Minggu, 01 Desember 2019 ~ Oleh admin ~ Dilihat 515 Kali


The 5th International Conference On Operation Research 2020

Operations Research (OR) has become powerful decision making tools worldwide. In its use, Management Science (MS) is used as another term for OR. Concept of OR is borderless as it can be derived from various disciplines such as Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering, Social, etc. to make a new set of knowledge for decision making. Today, OR has become a professional discipline which deals with the application of scientific methods in decision making theory. 

The scope of OR can be used to find best solution for both simple and complex problems. It is beneficial in every aspect of human life regarding resources optimization. OR is widely used in important and main fields such as national planning and budgeting, transportation, education, agriculture, environment, and many others. Therefore, research and study involving OR are inevitable.

Number of research and study about OR or using OR as tools is high these years. This is accommodated by Indonesian Operations Research Association (IORA) IORA as one of OR organisations in an annual international conference entitled International Conference on Operations Research (ICOR).  ICOR 2020 is the fifth conference (iCOR 5.0). This initiates to bring together OR/MS researchers, academicians and practitioners, whose collective work has sustained continuing OR/MS contribution to decision-making in many fields of application. It can be considered as good platforms for the OR/MS community, particularly in Indonesia, to meet each other and to exchange ideas.




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