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Indonesia Operations Research Assosiation



Sabtu, 09 September 2017 ~ Oleh admin ~ Dilihat 305 Kali

From the President


Operations research (OR) has rich traditions from viewpoint of wide boundaries in terms of clients, broad range of methodological approaches used and awareness to multiple and often conflicting interests. Under this perspective both OR and development share some concerns related to the implementation, as well as the design, of planning strategies. Thus, the relevance of OR and development has increasingly engaged the attention of operational researchers in both the industrialized and less developed countries.

For this conference we choose the following theme for our stand of work: “Better Decisions for Sustainable Development.” It is our conviction that OR can make significant contribution to the process of development in general and to developing countries in particular. By this conference we aim to promote the increase in the use of OR as a practical tool for problems in many aspects of development. The ability to analyze large and complicated problems with operations research techniques is expected to suggest better decisions such that saving of the cost to industry and government, asserting that OR has a broader role than just knowledge brokering or technology transfer.

This conference is in conjunction with the inauguration of Indonesian Operations Research Association (IORA). Establishment of IORA in 2014 is evidently intended to reinforce the abovementioned initiative. We hope IORA can be considered as good platforms for OR researchers, academicians and professionals in Indonesia to meet each other, exchange ideas and strengthen their collaboration.

We look forward to welcome you in IORA-ICOR 2016 on August 27, 2016, in Bogor, Indonesia.

Prof. Sudradjat Supian

President, Indonesian Operations Research Association (IORA)

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